What To Look For When Choosing Glass Tubes For Dispensary Packaging


Ideally, you’ll employ energetic adjectives that come to mind right away. You should be able to define your brand as intimately as you would describe a buddy, whether it’s hip, conventional, minimalist, or diverse. Perhaps you aren’t quite there yet, but that is your aim. Maybe you’re already there, but you’d like to improve your communication. There’s always space for development in either case, so here are a few ideas for advancing your cannabis packaging approach.

You won’t design your package unless you know who will be seeing it. Suppose you reside in a place where marijuana is legal for adult use. In that case, the first issue you should ask is whether you want to be identified as a medical or recreational dispensary. If you’re going to market yourself as a medical dispensary, you should focus on clear labeling and appropriate design for a healthcare product.

Recreational cannabis dispensaries can have a more laid-back vibe, but it all depends on the market segment you’re aiming for. If you’re targeting sophisticated young fitness fanatics, your packaging will be different than if the majority of your walk-ins are college students seeking to try something new.

Maybe you’re one of those dispensaries that health-conscious people frequent. If that’s the case, your clients will likely know what they want and be in and out promptly. Your package approach should be centered on convenience, with a design that encourages physical activity.

Other dispensaries see a lot of senior citizens seeking pain alleviation, sleep assistance, or other medical remedies. They prefer topicals or edibles, like easy-to-open packaging, and enjoy displayed dosage directions.

Once you’ve decided on your packaging strategy, double-check that your design and labeling are legal in your state. The restriction on child-friendly branding has previously been addressed, but several jurisdictions also require child-resistant packaging. While you’re at it, check out your state’s other packaging laws. You don’t want to release the ideal package to go back and reproduce it.

You know your dispensary is unique, but they won’t know unless you tell your customers. Cannabiz Supply supplies bespoke labeling and packaging to satisfy your logistical demands while also assisting you in developing a brand that is distinct, memorable, and, most importantly, profitable. To learn more, click here.

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