Hiring Top Best Attorney For Expunction In Austin

Many people are unaware that their arrest or dismissal will be documented in the Department of Public Safety Computerized Criminal History System for the rest of their lives, even if they are not proven guilty. They believe that after deferred adjudication is completed, their conviction evidence will be erased from the official criminal records. This isn’t the case at all. Employers or anybody else who does a simple background check can still see a document from your criminal past if you haven’t made any efforts to clear it.

Having a charge or dismissal on your record might have serious repercussions. Allow Mitchell S. Sexner & Associates LLC’s attorneys to help you clean your name. They work in Austin to keep the records of their clients safe.

Expunction Order In Austin

An expungement order will clear your criminal record. There are just a few circumstances in which You can obtain an order of expunction. These are the following:

Mitchell S. Sexner & Associates LLC provides a free initial consultation to anyone looking for guidance.  

Order On Confidentiality

A Non-Disclosure order will seal your records after delayed adjudication is over to prevent anyone else from seeing them. Criminal justice authorities can still look at sealed records. It’s worth noting that courts have total discretion over whether or not to issue Orders of Non-Disclosure, and they can only do so “in the greatest interest of justice.” If you’re facing an Order of Non-Disclosure, consult with an Austin expunction lawyer first.

It is critical to keep your criminal record clean of stuff that does not belong there to protect your personal and professional reputation. Call Mitchell S. Sexner & Associates LLC and speak with a knowledgeable and experienced Austin expungement lawyer or visit their site here at https://sexner.com/. They will fight for you to ensure that the past stays in the past, allowing you to go on with your life.

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