Frequent Nyc Construction Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

The construction business is a risky one, with far too many accidents. Workplace accidents such as construction site fall, mechanical accidents, and electrocutions can occur when general contractors and construction site owners fail to take proper safety precautions.

There are several ways for a construction worker to get critically wounded on the job, depending on the location, task, machinery available, and working circumstances. The following are some examples of typical construction site mishaps:

Falls On The Construction Site:

When workers work on elevated building sites, falls can happen, especially if fall protection isn’t available or placed incorrectly.

Struck From Object:

Many risks, such as equipment, building materials, and scaffolding, might fall from above and strike employees on a construction site. The NY Labor Law Section 240 explicitly addresses safeguarding employees from falling to obtain this decision item at worksites if an object falls and injures a worker due to a breach of the law’s safety standards.


Construction workers may be exposed to electrical hazards such as electrical equipment, live cables, and lighting.

Caught By Machinery:

There are many enormous, heavy things on a construction site. Employees can have their limbs or entire bodies caught and crushed by them, whether it’s building material or equipment.

you can avoid construction site accidents in a variety of methods, including the use of safety equipment and education, such as:

  • All personnel will get safety training.
  • Every day, the crew has a safety briefing.
  • Scaffolding, guardrails, toe boards, and regulated ladders are all examples of fall protection.
  • It would help if you marked wires and high voltage regions.
  • Hazardous energy management
  • Machines and machine protection
  • Security for the eyes and the head

The labor regulations of New York State are pretty complex. Suppose you’ve been hurt on the job. In that case, you should contact an experienced New York State construction accident law firm like Hach & Rose, LLP, which is familiar with Sections 200, 240, and 241(6) of the New York State Labor Law here at It will help you ensure you get the justice and compensation you deserve so you can get back to work and support your family.

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