Scalp Micropigmentation Aftercare

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Scalp Micropigmentation Aftercare

Many people have been turning to a new technique called scalp micropigmentation to fill in their thinning hairlines. Scalp micropigmentation companies, such as SMP Aus, work by filling in the gaps in ones hairline with micro pigments. In other situations in which the patient is completely bald, scalp micropigmentation can be applied to create the appearance of a recently shaved head.

No matter what route you choose to combat your hair loss, it is important that the scalp is cared for after the process. While scalp micropigmentation is far less invasive in comparison to other hair loss surgeries, such as hair transplant surgery, the scalp still requires some aftercare.

Learn more about the steps you should take to keep your scalp healthy following your scalp micropigmentation procedure.

Refrain from Touching the Hair 
Because your scalp has been touched repeatedly with a needle and the pigments need time to settle, you should refrain from touching your hair for at least three days. You don’t want to accidentally ruin the progress your technician made by rubbing your head accidentally. Additionally, you should not wash your hair during this time period, as the repeated rubbing associated with showering and shampoos and conditioners you put onto your head could end up messing up the pigmentation on your head.

After the three day period, you are free to wash your hair, but you should avoid any shampoos and soaps that could cause damage to the micropigments.

Avoid Exercising
Additionally, you should refrain from any activities that may cause you to sweat extensively. Such activities include exercising, obviously, but can also include activities such as using a sauna. If you live in a hot area, you should take care not too spend too much outside while your scalp is still healing. Extensive amounts of sweat when the micro pigments on your head are still settling can cause the pigments to fade.

Clean the Area
Cleaning the area is important to the maintenance of a healthy scalp. However, this should only happen after a week has passed. Again, you should avoid using any shampoos in the meantime and instead use a gentle facial cleanser. Cleaning the area is especially important if you are in between treatments, as a clean area makes it much easier for the scalp micropigmentation technician to do their job and add more pigments to your hairline.

Avoid UV Rays
In the first 30 days after the procedure, you need to avoid exposure to UV rays on your scalp. If you must go outside, make sure that you have a hat or other form of protection on. The UV rays can cause damage to the micro pigments while they attempt to settle.

Any questions about aftercare should be referred to the scalp micropigmentation company that you received treatment from. Make sure to follow the specific instructions that the technician gave you, especially if you are in between treatments. You do not want any damage to occur to your hairline, causing the technician to have to start over.

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